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Welcome to Innotrition Interreg Cross Border Network Platform

The Innotrition project - Innovative use of Olive, Winery and Cheese Waste by products in animal nutrition for the production of functional foods for animals - has been approved under the INTERREG Greece-Italy 2014-2020 Cross-Border Cooperation Programme, Axis 1: Axis 1 – Innovation and Competitiveness.

The main overall objective is to produce higher quality products using low cost ingredients (from waste) in an innovative way thus rendering the local agro-industry more competitive.

he Cross-Border Network Platform is a virtual platform matching the offer of food by products and the request of cheap fermentable nutrients to be employed in feed production.

The platform represents a cross-border Italy Greece virtual community in which food producers can inform farmers about the availability of food by-products that can be recycled into feed by simple processes, as the ensiling process. After the virtual meeting agreement, the users can enter into contact with each other to arrange the physical transport and processing of food by products.

The project is co-funded by European Union, European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) and by National Funds of Greece and Italy for a total budget amount of € 602.725,25 €